Today we're going to create a historical news report that is based on primary source research. Sounds like fun, eh?

What we're talking about

Canada has a lot of odd, unusual and interesting events in its history.

For this assignment you are going to research one of the events linked to on the right. You are then going to create a two page newspaper that explains what happened. You'll try to bring out several things including:
  1. What is the main event?
  2. Why did it matter then and why does it matter now?
  3. What's the context to this event?

The Details

  1. Your newspaper, including pictures, should take up all of two 11" by 17" sheets of paper. You only need to use one side of each sheet of paper.
  2. It should look like a newspaper. That means, for example, 
    • that it's laid out in columns. 
    • Headlines appear at different levels on the page. 
    • There are appropriate primary source pictures. 
    • There is a masthead.
  3. You should rough your newspaper out, possibly by hand, to help in the planning process.
  4. At least one source should be a primary source such as an article from the time period from the Winnipeg Free Press or other acceptable primary source (check with the teacher for details).
  5. in text citations (aka: footnotes).
  6. You should have a bibliography attached to the second page of your newspaper.


Technical MeritLooks like a newspaper Use of appropriate primary source photos Roughed out ahead of time as aid in planning  At least 2 11*17 pages, about 600 words
Smooth, polished, professional looking
Research Skills
Use of several (5) sources
Use of primary source material
Material is appropriately referenced  Well written, intelligent, thoughtful. What is the short and long term significance of the event?

The topics

What can you write on? The topics are wide and varied.
The main thing is that they are should involve the possibility of multiple articles being written about the issue from a variety of viewpoints.

There's a wide of variety of topics you could pick. Howeve, if you want to play it safe a pre-approved list of topics can be found over here.

James Dykstra,
Nov 30, 2016, 2:00 PM