The New Basketball Team

As unlikely as it may seem, Winnipeg is getting an NBA team. They'll arrive next fall, and they'll play in the MTS Centre downtown.

The only thing that needs to be decided is what to call this new team.

Many, if not most, professional teams have names that reflect something about the culture of the town or region.

Think of the
  1. Detroit Pistons
  2. Edmonton Eskimos
  3. Montreal Canadiens
  4. Colorado Avalanche
  5. Arizona Coyotes,
  6. Montreal Expos
  7. or the Toronto Argonauts.

What do you learn about each team from the name? What do you learn about the region that the team comes from? What does it tell you about their identity? (Here's an article about the origins of most of the NHL teams' names.)

For our new NBA team, what should be the name?


Your job is, with a group of up to 3 people. to prepare a brief presentation of 3 to 4 minutes suggesting a name for the team.

Your presentation should

  1. Present a rugged name suggesting a team that can play hard and well
  2. Highlight the link between the team's name and the city/province's heritage and identity by drawing upon at least 3 historical links to the name.
  3. A tidy, simple, and easy to understand logo for the new team that shows both the strength of the team and the historical ties that make the name a strong one.


 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
A suitable team name
A name that suggests fighting spirit
A name that's tied to the city's heritage.
A logo that reflects the spirit of the team and heritage of the city.
At least 4 pictures that support how the team's name incorporates the city's heritage.
 An oral explanation of how the name reflects the spirit and heritage

Feb 22, 2018, 12:18 PM