What is a Canadian?

Each of the T.V. commercials below plays on the theme of being Canadian. Somehow each one says something about what it means to be Canadian, or what the commercial producers think it's all about.

  1. What are the themes these commercials use to show what being Canadian is all about?
  2. Brainstorm with a partner.
    • What are several other symbols that could be used to describe what being Canadian is all about?
    • Come up with a list of 10, then try to narrow it down to your top 5.
    • Finally, dream up and sketch your own unique Canadian symbol. It should be something totally different that no one has ever seen before yet still somehow describes Canada.
      • Make it tidy and make it colorful.
      • Make it original.
      • Make it your best effort.
      • Did we say it should be original?