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Just the Basics

Your job is to create a simple web page, save it and then upload it to the Internet. Not too hard, eh?

Before you make your simple web page, make a rough sketch on a piece of paper to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Where will you put a headline? Where are you paragraphs or your picture? Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.

It must show that you can

  1. create new paragraphs
  2. create a colored background
  3. use bold text
  4. use italicized text
  5. use underlined text
  6. use different colored fonts
  7. include simple pictures or graphics (at least one)
  8. center text
  9. create headlines
  10. create a ruler
James Dykstra,
Sep 16, 2014, 6:23 AM