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The historian, that most mischievous of all creatures, not content with disturbing the dead, must also disturb the living.
                                - Lionel Groulx

Romantic Nationalism lives on today. It's not just a thing of the past. It lives on today and often has tragic consequences.

Investigate the 20th  and 21st century independence movements of one of the following regions.
  1. Scotland
  2. Catalonia
  3. Basque
  4. Quebec
  5. Chechnya
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Veneto
Find out a few things about your chosen place.
  1. Where is it?
  2. When has an independence movement been active?
  3. Why is it active? 
    • What is the grievance? 
    • Is it likely to get solved?
  4. What has happened?
    • Referendums?
    • Violence?
      • Suppression?
      • Terrorism?
  5. Who has been promoting the movement?
    • Who has been opposing it?