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The Great Man

Having watched the assigned video, as well as played the game of Diplomacy, think about the following things in relation to the Great Man theory of history.

  1. Can one individual change history? 
    • If so, by how much? 
    • If not, what does it take to change history?
  2. To be someone who shapes history, do you have to be born in the right time? 
    • If Justin Trudeau had been prime minister during World War II, would things have been different? 
    • If Adolph Hitler were the German chancellor today, would he still be able to bring on a Holocaust?
  3. How much of history depends on when and where someone was born? 
  4. Do people shape history, or does history shape people? 
    • How much control do we have, and how much are we controlled?
Write a paragraph of several sentences discussing these ideas. Don't answer the questions, discuss the ideas.